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Peter Trombetti is founder and principal at the Oficio Group, a Rhode Island recruiting firm. When he is not in the office, Peter Trombetti enjoys working on his golf game by improving his putting setup.

Understanding the mechanics of the putting stroke, and the appropriate setup for making it happen, will result in more putts made and lower scores on the course.

The way a player sets up to a putt plays a big role in the result of the stroke. Two major aspects of the putting setup are tension and alignment. Proper tension throughout the setup begins by bending at the waist and letting the hands dangle toward the ground. Keeping the arms relaxed will eliminate tension that can hinder the fluidity of the stroke. Next, players need to align the forearms and shoulders to the target. To check the alignment, a club can be placed across the shoulders. The shoulders are properly aligned if the club is pointing directly at the target. The same check works for the forearms. Setting up to a putt tension free with proper alignment will create a pendulum motion that results in more putts made.