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With more than a decade of experience at consulting giant Accenture, Peter Trombetti established his own recruitment and search firm, The Oficio Group, in 2007. In addition to his expertise in talent acquisition, Peter Trombetti is an accomplished golfer who has played for more than two decades.

The following are a few of the most common mistakes made by golfers.

Exaggerating the backswing: Many golfers mistakenly believe that if they exaggerate their twist on a backswing, this will help them hit the ball farther. In reality, in order to gain distance, one must make solid contact with the ball.

Positioning feet incorrectly: To ensure that the ball goes straight, the feet and shoulders must be aligned with the target, with both feet positioned shoulder-width apart and in a straight line. If either foot is not aligned, the ball will hook or slice in one direction or the other.

Visualizing the putting line: One of the secrets to being able to putt well is the ability to visualize the line that exists between the ball and the hole. However, many golfers mistakenly try and analyze the trajectory of the ball going from the hole back the ball, which is the opposite of the direction the ball will travel.