The end of the year hardly seems like the best time to find a new job. The Christmas season is upon us, parties are a plenty and little time is left over for the job search. However, on the corporate end, work tends to slow in the office as old projects come to a close and new ones are pushed off to the new year. Working with a recruiter during the month of December can put you in front of companies that are ready to hire. Check out our list of the top 5 reasons December is the best month to look for a new job.


1. Many companies have tons of free time – Like I mentioned above, many projects are coming to a close, leaving ample time to complete all of those tasks pushed to the back burner (like hiring backfilled positions). If you are currently employed, the various holidays make it easy to take vacation days for those calls and interviews.

2. There isn’t a lot of competition – Many people have the misconception that the holidays are a bad time to apply for jobs. Because of this many job seekers and recruiters take time off, there is significantly less activity happening in the job market. Finding a good recruiter who is active and searching during this time of year can pay off.

3. It’s a great time to get referrals – With vacation time and short weeks, this may be the perfect time to ask that fellow employee or former boss for a referral. Scheduling holiday drinks or dinner can be a great way to get together in person without seeming like you only want to use them.

4. It’s bonus pay out time – This is the time of year you really get to see how much your current company values the work you’ve done over the past year. If your bonus or yearly raise is lower than expected, this can help you put in perspective what you really want in your next position.

5. New fiscal year budgets are coming out – Many businesses start their fiscal calendar in January. December is usually the time that employers look back at open positions and budget for them moving forward. Getting in front of these potential openings before they are advertised can be a great way to get in ahead of the curve.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in sales and marketing in the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached at 401.519.6683 or at

Every company has their own way of doing things. They usually have very specific ways of doing things, and very specific reasons for doing it that way. The old, corporate way of doing things usually involves strict rules, but also offered job security, pension plans and a straight career path. However, with the changing economy, employees are feeling less loyal to a specific company. It is very easy for someone, especially someone who is good at their job, to seek alternative employment if they are unhappy with any aspect of their job. We’ve pulled together a list of the Top 5 rules that may be driving your employees away


1. Attendance Policies – Because they are not paid by the hour, salaried employees should not need attendance policies. If they are completing all the work you give them, in a timely manner, does it really matter if they show up 10 minutes late?

2. Dress Code – Creating a strict dress code policy make employees feel nervous and unable to express themselves. Make it a priority to tell new employees to dress for business and trust them to make the right decision. If someone does come dressed inappropriately, address it with the individual without taking it out on the rest of the staff.

3. Frequent Flyer/Hotel Points Policies – Traveling is hard on an employee. They are traveling to do business for your company. Taking their frequent flyer miles or hotel points that they have rightfully earned will cause animosity and resentment.

4. Leave Policies – Again, this goes back to trusting your employees. Requiring them to bring in a note proving they are either sick enough, or that someone really did pass away, to earn time off comes across cruel and heartless. Will some take advantage of you? Possibly. But why are you hiring people you don’t trust in the first place? Give people the benefit of the doubt.

5. Approvals for Everything – Big pieces of work need to be addressed by higher-ups, but is approval required for every thing an employee does? Not only does this frustrate employees, but it slows down productivity and wastes time.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in sales and marketing in the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached at 401.519.6683 or at

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Everyone has a point in their lives where they realize they need a change. Many times that change comes in the form of a new career, position or company. However, for most people this need for change doesn’t happen out of the blue. Over a course of months, or even years, you may notice yourself looking at moments in your career and wishing things had gone differently or your needs were not being met.

Would you like to work from home one day a week? Would you like to travel less? Or more? Is that cubicle just not the productive work environment you hoped for? Do you just find your day-to-day activities monotonous? Over a period of time these needs and concerns can begin to wear on us and lead us down the road of searching for a new position. The unhappiness, or stress, or annoyance continues to build until it has reached that “tipping point” which forces you into action.

I think the important message here is that you don’t have to live with this building aggravation. Knowing what will make you a more happy and productive employee, as well as communicating that to those above, will give you back that control over the direction your life it taking. If you’re current work environment is unable to meet those needs, you now know you have reached that “tipping point”. There are many other resources out there, such as job boards, networking events and recruiters who can help you redirect and find that new position that is better suited for your needs.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in Sales and Marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.

When the recession hit, many people were forced out of their current jobs and were left looking for a new career. Even though things are currently on the rise, many are still left scratching their heads, wondering why they attend interview after interview but have yet to land that ideal position. Often, excuses get in the way and prevent you from seeing the real (and sometimes very obvious) reason why you’re not receiving that call back. Take a look at our list of some easy things you should ask yourself before heading out to that next interview.


1. Are you passionate about the job you are applying for? If you don’t feel that passion – or excitement – for your potential career, it’s going to be impossible to relay to the hiring manager why they should hire you. Take some time to really think about the following: a) what industry – or segment within your industry – you want to be in; & b) desired level and even what city you would like to work in. Pinpointing exactly not only what you would be good at, but also what would make you happy, will raise the stakes and help you relay your enthusiasm to your potential employers.

2. Are you committing enough time to your job search? With everything happening in daily life, it’s easy to put off the work that goes into a job search. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of canned resumes and cover letters, or applying for jobs before you’ve fully read the descriptions. Look at your calendar and schedule in chunks of time dedicated to your job search. Spending a few more minutes crafting a cover letter customized for your desired position can make all the difference.

3. Are you aggressive enough? Many, especially in upper level management, are used to recruiters pounding down their door with a basket full of job openings. While this still may be true to an extent, this new economy has forced candidates to be more aggressive when going after that new job. Don’t be afraid to “hunt” that new position by appealing to the hiring manager, and continuing to follow up until you get that answer. Show that potential employer why you deserve to be hired.

4. Are you meeting the hiring managers needs? This one may seem the most obvious, but make sure you’re meeting some of the most basic needs of the company. Correct spelling and grammar, good communication, high energy and being on time are just some of the positive attributes employers look for. Especially for those who have been in their previous position for a long time, it’s easy to forget the small details.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in Sales and Marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.


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