Peter Trombetti – What is your tipping point?

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Peter Trombetti's Posts

Everyone has a point in their lives where they realize they need a change. Many times that change comes in the form of a new career, position or company. However, for most people this need for change doesn’t happen out of the blue. Over a course of months, or even years, you may notice yourself looking at moments in your career and wishing things had gone differently or your needs were not being met.

Would you like to work from home one day a week? Would you like to travel less? Or more? Is that cubicle just not the productive work environment you hoped for? Do you just find your day-to-day activities monotonous? Over a period of time these needs and concerns can begin to wear on us and lead us down the road of searching for a new position. The unhappiness, or stress, or annoyance continues to build until it has reached that “tipping point” which forces you into action.

I think the important message here is that you don’t have to live with this building aggravation. Knowing what will make you a more happy and productive employee, as well as communicating that to those above, will give you back that control over the direction your life it taking. If you’re current work environment is unable to meet those needs, you now know you have reached that “tipping point”. There are many other resources out there, such as job boards, networking events and recruiters who can help you redirect and find that new position that is better suited for your needs.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in Sales and Marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.


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