Peter Trombetti – Some Ridiculously Obvious Reasons You Haven’t Found That Perfect Job

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Peter Trombetti's Posts

When the recession hit, many people were forced out of their current jobs and were left looking for a new career. Even though things are currently on the rise, many are still left scratching their heads, wondering why they attend interview after interview but have yet to land that ideal position. Often, excuses get in the way and prevent you from seeing the real (and sometimes very obvious) reason why you’re not receiving that call back. Take a look at our list of some easy things you should ask yourself before heading out to that next interview.


1. Are you passionate about the job you are applying for? If you don’t feel that passion – or excitement – for your potential career, it’s going to be impossible to relay to the hiring manager why they should hire you. Take some time to really think about the following: a) what industry – or segment within your industry – you want to be in; & b) desired level and even what city you would like to work in. Pinpointing exactly not only what you would be good at, but also what would make you happy, will raise the stakes and help you relay your enthusiasm to your potential employers.

2. Are you committing enough time to your job search? With everything happening in daily life, it’s easy to put off the work that goes into a job search. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of canned resumes and cover letters, or applying for jobs before you’ve fully read the descriptions. Look at your calendar and schedule in chunks of time dedicated to your job search. Spending a few more minutes crafting a cover letter customized for your desired position can make all the difference.

3. Are you aggressive enough? Many, especially in upper level management, are used to recruiters pounding down their door with a basket full of job openings. While this still may be true to an extent, this new economy has forced candidates to be more aggressive when going after that new job. Don’t be afraid to “hunt” that new position by appealing to the hiring manager, and continuing to follow up until you get that answer. Show that potential employer why you deserve to be hired.

4. Are you meeting the hiring managers needs? This one may seem the most obvious, but make sure you’re meeting some of the most basic needs of the company. Correct spelling and grammar, good communication, high energy and being on time are just some of the positive attributes employers look for. Especially for those who have been in their previous position for a long time, it’s easy to forget the small details.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in Sales and Marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.


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