Peter Trombetti – Why considering company culture is an important addition to the hiring process

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Peter Trombetti's Posts


A successful company isn’t just one that looks good on paper; One under-appreciated aspect is company culture. Company culture is the set of values and practices among all of the employers and employees which define the integrity of the community. Determining the personnel in the work space directly affects the overall culture which makes proper hiring that much more necessary. For lack of a less-cliche line, a “company is only as good as its workers”.

There are several ideals and motivations that can define a company’s culture and reflect its conscience and character. For instance, the business can proudly proclaim that autonomous workers produce the greatest amount of success. With this mentality, the company trusts each employee to accept responsibility and work accordingly, without the managers having to ride or smother them. A potential employee would have to prove within the application process that he/she can be fruitful in this environment. Though that person may be an intelligent and capable employee, he/she might not fit into the desired company culture. Other examples of company culture are a high degree of adaptability, customer-focused versus seller-focused, and an emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees.

Establishing a company culture accesses an abundance of advantages over owners who don’t realize its importance. Employees who adhere to the company culture help form a sense of uniformity and trust within the business. Messages and intentions become clearer and centered, in turn saving time and internal opposition. One well-oiled machine works more efficiently than various, rusty parts “trying” to work together. Certain company cultures will also attracted like-minded customers that can relate. A truly successful business can utilize it’s business culture to create a prosperous, enjoyable workplace for employees and customers alike

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in sales and marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.

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