Peter Trombetti – Do I really need to use a recruiter?

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Peter Trombetti's Posts

In an effort to cut costs, many employers are resistant to hiring a recruiter. They think, and rightly so, for less money they can post their open position to a job board and receive a pool of candidates looking to work for them. While this is usually accurate, for a company looking for a very specific skill set and candidate, a job positing may either have trouble finding the right employee, or your company may end up spending more time and money in the long run sifting through applicants that don’t fit the bill. Below is a list of 5 benefits employers can reap when using a recruiting firm:

using a recruiter can help you find that perfect candidate

Money and Time – We all know time equals money. Without a recruiter finding, researching and sifting through a variety of qualified candidates, this process is left to your managers and human resources team. Taking away their attention from other projects will cost your company time and money, which is never a good thing.

Candidate Screening – On the topic of researching and screening a variety of candidates, Peter Trombetti of Oficio Group in East Greenwich, knows how important your company culture is, and how critical it is for your new employee to be the perfect fit. “Too often, recruiters approach this business with their own agendas which makes for a self-serving connection to a candidate. Any candidate that will tolerate that selfishness typically has some degree of desperation in their motive. On the other hand, rock star candidates need to be approached on a different level. They have their heads down and are making contributions that are on them. They need communication probing their agendas. The difference in the oficio group is we target a thinner slice of quality on top of the performance scale. A process so candidate centric from the high performance candidate perspective, that ruth and honesty dominate the relationship between recruiter and candidate.”

Accessing All Candidates – While posting to a job board may be a great way to access those actively seeking a new position, the perfect candidate for your open position may not know they are ready for a change. By working with a recruiter, you can reach some of those passive candidates who were previously unaware of your company or job opportunities.

Specialization – Choosing a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry can help provide your company with valuable insight on your available positions, qualified candidates in your field and competitive compensation packages. These firms possess a wealth of information in relationship to that specific industry, and understand the language, company culture and how a new hire will fit in.

Help beyond finding candidates – Not only will a recruiter find and screen potential candidates, but highly experienced recruiters will be there through the entire negotiating and hiring process. They intimately engage both parties (hiring company and potential candidate), and ensure both the company and the employee are presented with a win-win scenario that will result in a long term fit and placement.

Working with the right recruiting team can not only save you time, money and frustration, but can help you build successful teams for your organizations through finding candidates that actually fit companies’ needs.

Peter Trombetti is the owner of Oficio Group, located in East Greenwich, RI. Specializing in sales and marketing within the specialty chemicals industry, Peter can be reached through the website.


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