Switching From Skiing To Snowboarding

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Recruitment
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Peter Trombetti is a former partner as Accenture, a leading consultancy firm in Rhode Island. At Accenture, he led 30 employees as head of the business development unit. In his free time, Peter Trombetti enjoys snowboarding. He previously skied but took up snowboarding about 10 years ago.

While skiing and snowboarding are the two most popular winter sports in America, these activities do not have as much in common as one might assume. Snowboarders are heavily strapped onto a single board with their feet facing sideways, while skiers stand on a pair of much smaller boards with their feet facing forward. While skiers are also bound to their equipment, it is much easier for skiers to step out of their bindings in an emergency situation. The most notable difference in terms of equipment is the fact that skiers hold two poles while going downhill, while snowboarders use their bodies to change direction and adjust speeds.

The terrain utilized by both sports is different, as well. Snowboarders primarily use a downhill slope or a snowboard park. Skiers and snowboarders will meet on downhill courses, but skiers can also take on far woodsier terrains. Some skiers even enjoy cross-country trails, which are essentially completely flat for several miles at a time. While the two sports take place on different parts of the mountain, injuries can be very common in both, and the best way to learn either sport is to take lessons from a professional instructor.

  1. Agree! Though both sports varied by some ways, injuries were still very common. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, and beginner, important is to take a lesson from professional.

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