Moving Forward: Changes in the Recruitment Industry

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Recruitment

For the past six years, Peter Trombetti has served Oficio Group as its founder and managing partner. He guides the company by scouting the best opportunities in various markets and helping engineering candidates fill open jobs. Oficio Group’s areas of focus include placement of talent from mid-level managers to executives. Peter Trombetti is proud of Oficio Group’s placement rate of 98 percent.

Over the past several years, recruiting has undergone major changes that affect how recruiters place talent in any industry. Recruiters can expect more new trends to change the landscape of recruiting through 2013. One trend already in progress is the use of social networking as a virtual talent pool and as a meeting place where companies promote their brands. Firms use these hubs to attract customers, fans of their products and services, and talent interested in joining the company’s ranks.

Of course, companies still depend on assessment resources to make sure candidates measure up to a job’s responsibilities. A glut of new recruiting resources such as tools powered by the cloud perform in-demand recruiting and pre-employment services, to include background checks and tests tailored to skill sets for a specific job.


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