Peter Trombetti – An Overview of Kiteboarding

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Recruitment
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As founder and managing partner of Oficio Group in Rhode Island, Peter Trombetti finds employment for military and engineering talent in midmanagement- and executive-level positions with logistics companies, manufacturers, and distributors nationwide. Prior to Oficio Group, Peter Trombetti served for many years at Accenture and oversaw the company’s business development unit. When not working, Peter Trombetti enjoys participating in a number of outdoor sports including golf, snowboarding, and kiteboarding, which he is in the process of learning. Here is a brief overview of the sport of kiteboarding.

Originally conceived as an idea for a sport in the 1960s, kiteboarding is rapidly gaining popularity among adults and young people. Officially established as a sport in 1984 by brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux, the sport of kiteboarding involves using a large kite, a board, and lines that connect the rider to the kite. The power of the kite is controlled by the rider through steering and sheeting, while the board enables the rider to translate the power of the kite into motion.

There are several types of boards used in kiteboarding. A twin-tip is a light board that is ideal for freestyling and wakestyle. With its ability to be ridden in both directions, twin-tips are a popular board choice among riders. Alternatively, a surfboard is a board that is ridden in one direction and is specifically designed for waves. Lastly, a snowboard is similar to a twin-tip except that it is designed specifically for snow.


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